Saturday, March 21, 2009

GTS/Ema and 11 travelers safely arrived in Kyoto!

At first in the O'Hare at 5am, there had been a problem for our flight/aircraft. Shortly after, they announced the change of aircraft and we got to San Francisco on time. We also left there on time and arrived in Kansai/Osaka before the scheduled time. Yet, because of many international flights' arrival at the same time, going through the custom took a while and we decided to take a direct bus trip to hotel from the Airport. Some had drinks at the airport while waiting the bus. After all everyone got to the hotel at 8pm! Well, some had still some energy left to go out to eat their dinner!. GTS and Ema returned home at 9:30pm but not sleepy as you can imagine the time difference! The program begins tomorrow with meeting with 2002 images of Buddha of Mercy (Kannon)!


Juria said...


I'm glad everything them (semi) seamlessly :D

Who's on the trip with you?

GTS said...

There are 4 COD teachers in it. There are also 2 regular members from JCC dinner! 3 gals! -GTS

chibi said...

Reading this made me all 懐かしい-feeling. I'm glad that everyone made it there safely. I wish I were there.

It seems there might be a possibility for our successors. (^∇^ )

GTS said...

GTS really misses Juria and Chibi and other past trip members! -GTS