Monday, March 23, 2009

New Silver Pavilion uncovered and The Rock Garden covered!

Night rain has passed but chilling weather came in! Arriving the Golden Pavilion before its opening made our group experience chilling wind. Beautiful golden structure couldn't quite warm us up until walking down to the Rock Garden as a little exercise. The Rock Garden was seen in the scaffolding to make us meditate in a strange manner. Everyone had a lunch at a cafeteria of Ritsumeikan University where GTS 'studied' years ago. The express city bus took us to the right in front of the hospital where GTS was born in early 60's. The philosopher's trail led us to the Silver Pavilion which has just uncovered a few days ago after re-roofing. The new Japanese cypress roof looked like a Gold leaves and reminds us of the Golden Pavilion. Along the philosopher's trail some bought a nice hot coffee and enjoyed it while getting to the bus stop from which the direct bus to the hotel left!


Juria said...

haha what is this "studied" you speak of

the " " make it seem so shady XD

Ritsumeikan!!!!! <3

GTS said...

Juria, you know what it means!. BTW, Nori-sensei is fine here to play with EMA! -GTS

Juria said...

yay! I'm glad Nori Sensei is doing well :3

It's probably like nothings changed~

I wonder if they remember us haha

Oh oh! Chibi made Okonomiyaki for Naterly and I yesterday! :D

chibi said...

Ah! Nori-sensei! Tell her we hope that she's well and that we miss her. ^_^

We tried to find the fabled used book store by Mitsuwa that you told Juria about. Not so much luck there. It was a fun adventure though. ...because Naterly was driving. >:D

Do you have clearer directions than what Juria told us? :D