Saturday, March 7, 2009

Over 15 members enjoyed JCC Dinner!

Under the unusually warm weather, over 15 people gathered for JCC monthly dinner and enjoyed chatting among others. Two came from U of I who are scheduled to leave next week for Japan for 1-semester study abroad before graduation, one who participated on the last summer study abroad program came from Waubonsee Community College area with over an hour drive. One, who is going to Japan with me during Spring break, came as well. 'GTS Trio minus one plus its ASSOCIATES' and current students in class also laugh and talk over the dinner! Next JCC dinner will be on 4/3/2009.
Why $50 short? Well, I hope that helped some students!!


chibi said...

"Plus alpha"?! It's ASSOCIATES. XP I'm telling Natalie that she's now being referred to as alpha. :D

GTS said...

I agree with you. It should be 'Associates' and will be re-edited. -GTS
I just did not come up with a good word!

chibi said...

I just finished the first episode of Rescue (I kept getting stuck in the middle because it was so long). A few things I learned:

- Kitajima Daichi doesn't know how to talk. He only shouts.

- Daichi also only has good posture if he's talking with someone of higher rank.

- As much as I like Tetsuka Yutaka ('cause he's nice and cool and stuff), the jerk (whose name I haven't figured out yet) that doesn't talk/only says mean things is definitely the coolest.

- Annndddd with all the landslides and fires that seem to occur on a day to day basis, I'm really surprised that Japan is left standing. O_o;;

Jerry said...

Japan has landslides and fires too? Combined with the Earthquakes, I think I'm too scared to go to Japan now...

GTS said...

No wonder Japan is such an exciting islands! -GTS