Thursday, March 19, 2009

GTS leaves for Japan in a few hours!

Spring "Sakura-viewing" Field trip to Japan will begin shortly with 11 members including 4 COD faculty members. Some faculty members of Yamaguchi Prefectural University(YPU) will join a part of the trip to "learn" its management from GTS. GTS will be one of the invited panelists in the Special Forum held in YPU on Wednesday during the field trip. While GTS makes Bullet Train trip to Yamaguchi (2.5 hours one way!), a teaching staff of Kyoto International Academy (KIA) will take care of the COD group. About dozen students signed up for summer study abroad in Kyoto (study at KIA in the morning!). We will get to Hiroshima via Narita (Tokyo) first by All Nippon Airways for a few days to study about "PEACE" prior to go to Kyoto by Bullet Train to meet all the host families and KIA staff.

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