Thursday, July 10, 2008

Buddhist Scriputure Writing with "Sagano-meguri"

Students visited to Daikaku-ji Temple where students had a chance to write/trace a Buddhist scripture "Han'nya Shin'gyo" to pray whatever each student wished for. Daikaku-ji Temple and its famous garden and pond have been used for making movies in Kyoto. On the way from Daikaku-ji back to Randen Train station, students walked along so-called "Sagano-meguri" which was the winding trail road in the bamboo forest in which "Nison-in Temple" and "Nonomiya Shrine" were located. Those temples and shrines were all mentioned in well-known "Tale of Genji" by Lady Murasaki. Kyoto-city is celebrating this year as a 1000 year anniversary for "Tale of Genji." Though hot and humid weather continued, everyone walked over 13000 steps based on a pedometer that one student was equipped with!


MB said...

Was an awesome stop. Really enjoyed when you gave a brief history on the low arch walkways, and the baby emperor`s room.

Would like to hear more of what you know about places, during future events.

GTS said...

Well, pre-travel research should have revealed what I said, though.