Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Heat Wave in the Osaka Castle

A day over 98F contnued today. After lunch 45-min train ride took students from Kyoto-city to Osaka Castle area in Osaka-city, passing several suburb cities between Kyoto and Osaka such as, Yawata, Hirakata, Moriguchi, Neyagawa, Kadoma, etc. From Kyobashi-station in Osaka, students walked from one building to another building through elevated pathways to where the Osaka Castle Donjon(Tower) or "Tenshukaku" became visible. Through bridges of the outer moat and inner moat, students got to the Tower, from which they can the entire Osaka city on the top floor balcony. Leaving the Tower for another side of the castle where Hideyoshi was enshrined. An express train skipped as many station as possible to carry them back to Kyoto-city and final official afternoon excursion ended!

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