Friday, July 11, 2008

Playing with monkeys at Mt.Iwata!

Students climbed up a small mountain called Mt. Iwata in which there was a monkey park on top. On the way to the top, many monkeys were running around students, some even touch them. There is a hut on the top from which people can feed monkeys outside the hut. It seems that monkeys are enjoying humans in the hut. Some monkeys were jumping into the carp pond to cool themselves down. Some even stay in the water with carp as if they were in the hot spring. From the top of the mountain entire city of Kyoto was clearly visible! Nice hot weather day passed very quickly while playing with monkeys!


J00lia said...


They need to make a profit somehow right? No better way than to train little furry creatures to do it for you!

GTS said...

I guess some monkeys did it successfully. It was so successful that nobody could realize it! GTS