Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sushi making and Heian Jingu Shrine

Students had a chance to learn how to make sushi rolls today. They made some creative sushi rolls that they may not even try! Hopefully they can try making some after getting back to Chicago next week. After Sushi practice Heian Jingu Shrine was waiting for us. This shrine was built in 1894 as 1100-year anniversary of Kyoto as a capital of Japan (794-1868). Its garden has been one of the most famous Japanese gardens which can be enjoyed throughout a year. After walking through the garden in a hot and humid day, students visited Kyoto Handicraft Center where the official group activity was dismissed. Some went to the Pedestrian Heaven in Shijo area for the Gion Festival, some went to sing songs in Karaoke, etc. Occasional thunder and rain have been hitting Kyoto and festival mood has been watered!


J00lia said...

and some got stuck walking 15 minutes home and becoming drenched in heavy rain!!!

But it was fun!!

GTS said...

I believe that being caught in heavy Kyoto shower is included in the program! GTS