Monday, July 14, 2008

Nan'zen'ji Temple through Eikan'do Zen'rin'ji Temple

Kyoto city subway took students to Nan'zenji Temple which is connected with Lake Biwa Canal area. A little rain called "Tohri Ame (or Passing Rain)" began on the way to Eikan'do Zenrinji Temple through Nan'zen'ji Temple. Students were quite lucky to stay in the Main Hall of Eikan'do while first heavy rain fall passed on them. After enjoying inside the Main Hall and its garden and graveyard, students rushed to the bus stop just in time for second heavy rain fall! Some went to the Gion Festival Night Pedestrian Heaven area where they can enjoy some festival floats and PEOPLE from all over Japan! Ahhhhh, only 10 days are left before returning to Chicago! They will continue to maximize their existence in Kyoto now!

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