Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Zoo-ing in the World of Humidity!

After lunch break in the KIA school area, a city bus took us to the Heian Shrine Area. This area has Heian Shrine, Okazaki baseball ground, Kyoto City Museum, National museum of Modern Art, Kanze-kaikan for Noh Play, and the City Zoo where we visited. Oh, besides that, GTS's condo is located here and students walked through right in front of it! It was exactly the feeding time for all the animals there and students had some chances to see them. The youngest Japan monkey was born in April 27 and she is alsways with her Mom!! GTS loves zoos and holds yearly pass of this zoo as well as the Brookfield Zoo! Lake Biwa Canal Museum is located next to the zoo where students visited to learn a bit about the difficulty to bring drinking water from the Lake Biwa to Kyoto over the mountains! Sweaty humid day continued today. Hopefully everyone gets a little bit cooler experience tomorrow on top of the mountain! How can they get to? Of course, climbing and climbing!

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