Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tigers won with the Crazy Foreign Cheer-Brigade

A group of students arrived in Koshien Stadium whose home team is local Osaka Hanshin Tigers leading the Central League way ahead this year. They got some food at the huge supermarket right in front of the Stadium and some students got cheering goods and even Tigers jersey shirts with player's name on it. They took highest bleacher seats and got ready for the game. During the game they became a friend of Japanese Tigers fans around them and began shouting, singing, booing, laughing, on and on. Japanese style of enjoying the professional baseball game in the stadium seemed to really impress them. Tigers won the game and everyone experienced the most excited and craziest moment. The specially packed train brought students back to Osaka (the train compartment wouldn't be able to take any more human in it!) before heading back to Kyoto where Gion Festival Eve were still in celebration mode!

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