Saturday, July 12, 2008

Universal Studio and Osaka Modern-yaki

A little cheaper ticket allowed us to visit Universal Studio Japan in Osaka at 3:00pm. Since there was only one GTS loyalist showed up, GTS took care of admission tickets. As soon as being admitted, the out-door acrobat musical began right in front of us. Certainly the content was a lesson about Love, Family, Harmony in Nature, so Japanese narration was a good listening material for students. On the way back home, we stopped by at Hankyu Sanbaigai (underground food town in Umeda) to eat Osaka Special Modern-yaki (Yakisoba, or fried noodle, is sandwiched by Okonomiyaki, or Japanese pancake-like pizza) in one of the most famous restaurant in Osaka called "Boteju" Before thid dinner, we visited the Internet Cafe called "WIP" to see how they were operated. Yes, we all became a member and got a membership card!

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